For this session , Bobbi Brewery shares its labels with local and urban farmers.
We are proud to present a selection of   17 projects , supported by fedeAU and close to the lands and heart of the brewery.

 Bobbi Field Explorer 

FedeAU is an association that aims to represent urban agriculture producers in Brussels and wishes to strengthen the links between them. The association wants to be the spokesperson of its members in order to defend their common interests and claims. It plays the role of interlocutor with public authorities, academic institutions, sectors, the general public and the sectors concerned by the multifunctionality of urban agriculture.
The association intends to strengthen the links between its members by proposing a space for work, dialogue and reflection by and for producers based on collective intelligence tools. FedeAU wishes to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, promoting technical support between peers, as well as developing collective services and tools according to the needs of the field.