Homegrown farm - Brussels


In the Cureghem cellars, under the slaughterhouse market of Anderlecht, a dark and humid environment hids its most mushroomy secret. The company Eclo has made it its playground since 2016. Indeed, Hadrien, Thibault, Sylvère and Quentin have invested 3,000m2 of these mythical basements to grow several kinds of exotic and organic mushrooms as well as various microfoams.

They prepare their own substrate, by recovering unsold bread, which they enclose in culture bags with mycelium. They then store them in different favorable environments for several weeks to obtain the formation of eryngii, shiitake, nameko or other exotic sounding mushrooms.

Eclo delivers by bike to restaurants and grocers in the capital, who love their urban crops for their incomparable freshness. In 2023, Eclo will expand its manufacturing of circular substrates considerably, with a new factory in the Province of Liege, to supply other mushroom producers throughout Europe.