For this session , Bobbi Brewery shares its labels with stand-up comedians.
We are proud to present a selection of   19 Brussels stand-up comedians, actors, authors , curated by Cédric Vantroyen.

Cedric Vantroyen

After working as a journalist in Brussels and New York for Le Soir, and bringing the best manga from Japan to Europe for Dybex, the leader in the French-speaking anime market, Cédric Vantroyen decided to launch Kings of Comedy in 2009 with his friend Gilles Morin. Together they created a new wave of French-speaking Belgian humor and catapulted today’s stars such as Alex Vizorek, Kody, Guillermo Guiz, Dan Gagnon,… Ten years later, he takes over the reins – with his former artists Alex Vizorek and Guillermo Guiz – of the Kings of Comedy Club, the temple of stand-up comedy in Brussels, a must for all comedians visiting the Belgian capital.


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