Homegrown farm - Brussels


Vestaculture was born from the desire to reconnect people to the living and the edible. The motto of Vestaculture is: “Plant tomorrow, today! ”

The team of market gardeners that make up Vestaculture includes Chloe, who puts all her energy into creating, maintaining and growing fruits, vegetables and aromatics on living soil, in spaces as diverse as home gardens, a city rooftop, a terrace or even a balcony.

As one of their employees says: “The real job of the farmer is to know his soil, and then the vegetables grow there by themselves, because that’s what they know best”.
Everything in Vestaculture’s way of cultivating is turned towards a sustainable production, in short-circuit. The project also integrates a circular dimension, by using to the maximum the local resources in water, energy and organic matters.

Vestaculture proposes to all; companies, individuals, municipalities, schools…, to make gardens more edible. By developing vegetable gardens, orchards, nourishing forests, whatever the available surface,… without any chemical product, in the principles of permaculture, by supporting the use of organic plants and free Belgian seeds. And they do it with passion and pedagogy so that everyone becomes the happy gardener of a corner of paradise.