For this session , Bobbi Brewery shares its labels with music artists.
We are proud to present a selection of   24 Brussels DJs & Producers , curated by Aldo.

Artistic director, DJ and producer, Aldo has been evolving in the musical sphere for many years. At a very young age, he made his first steps in the Brussels underground scene by getting his first residency at 17. He then performed in most of the clubs and parties of the capital such as the Libertine Supersport, Fuse, Mr Wong, Les Halles Saint-Géry, Vert Pop, Pias Night, … as well as other international venues such as Wanderlust in Paris or The Villa in Oslo. For several years, he has been the artistic and cultural director of Les Halles Saint-Géry for which he leads large-scale projects by promoting the richness of the local scene.
He is also the author of an E.P on Higher Ground Record and several remixes on European labels.Having multiple influences – Electro, Techno, Rave, Punk – Aldo is today carried by powerful and uncompromising music, while keeping an eye on what makes the Brussels scene unique.