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Homegrown farm - Ittre


Olivier Senterre, a true entrepreneur of the land, has had a dream since he was a child: to become a farmer, like his grandfather.

For nearly 25 years now, he has been fulfilling this childhood wish on a daily basis through pumpkin growing. He began growing all kinds of squash in a conventional way, then adapted his production methods and turned to organic in 2012, following an awareness of the harm pesticides do to farmers.

Every year in September, Olivier organizes a big party to display and sell tons of organic squash, making it a jovial, sustainable and spectacular rallying event. The unsold stock is donated to food banks, adding a social virtue to this country gathering open to all.

“I wanted to recreate the farm atmosphere that I remember, the joy, the sharing, the family time that positively marked my childhood,” says Olivier.

Today, in addition to his colorful products and extraordinary shapes, he offers collaborative picking activities, shared vegetable gardens, training on soil life, etc.

He is the driving force behind what he enthusiastically calls “the pumpkin harvest” and his energy is inspiring.