From the beginning our idea was to develop an original concept focused on artists, and not on the « Me, Myself and I » that tends to invade social networks. In our approach we want to offer greater visibility to the selected artists by putting their artwork on the back of our bottles.

We think this is a great way to draw attention to art, through something that is consumed and that we have grown in our fields.


The village of Ittre had long been considered as the geographical center of Belgium, a specificity symbolized by a monument made up of millstones which is set in the middle of the village. But the official geographical surveys had forgotten to take into account the attachment of the Eastern Townships to Belgium in 1919. The geographical center was therefore moved to Nil-Saint-Vincent, another Brabant village.

In folklore the village of Ittre is mentioned around the year 640, although the name is first documented in 877. But the actual site was already occupied in the Roman period and even in the Neolithic era.
Ittre owes its name to the Latin « Ittrae » which means « City of Water ». Haut-Ittre (litteraly High-Ittre) is the name given to the village overlooking Ittre. Virginal would take its name from « Versus Altum », name given by the Gallo-Romans because of its culminating situation.