Homegrown farm - Brussels


In the cellars of Tour et Taxi, underneath the eclectic activity of this urban area that has been reinvented over and over again, lies Permafungi, a young cooperative with a social purpose that grows mushrooms thanks to a very common urban waste: coffee grounds!

For almost ten years now, Permafungi’s bicycles have been crisscrossing Brussels to collect coffee waste, which they then use to launch their oyster mushroom culture in the heart of the capital. Not to spoil this initiative, the thinking has been taken a step further and the coffee grounds, once used by Permafungi as a substrate for their mushrooms, uses the residue to produce natural fertilizer and recycled materials to make myco-materials such as biodegradable lighting, insulating panels and packaging. In Tour et Taxi’s cellars, nothing is lost, everything is used: the cooperative is a true player in the circular economy.

In addition to their production, the team offers tours, training and growing kits that allow you to recycle your household waste while producing mushrooms. Permafungi really wants to contribute to urban resilience, and makes it their mission through their activities.