Homegrown farm - Ittre


Blandine de Mahieu was born in Ittre and now cultivates the land where she grew up as part of her project: l’Artichamp. After studying anthropology at the ULB and doing an Erasmus in Brazil, Blandine discovered a new passion for travel and decided to go woofing in Latin America for several months.

While traveling, she discovered the basics of agriculture through multiple experiences.

Upon her return, she cultivated the idea of living from organic farming. After following a training course giving her precious tools to start her market gardening installation in 2016, she goes from the first tests on her house terrace by selling her vegetables to her friends and family, to the expansion of her activity. She now makes a living from it and adds other fruits and vegetables from local producers to her harvests: you can find her at the Virginal and Ittre markets on Thursdays and Fridays. L’Artichamp is simply the cultivation of seasonal, local and organic fruits and vegetables that directly benefit the neighboring villages. A real project of proximity carried at arm’s length by Blandine.