Les Vergers Micolombe

Homegrown farm - Ittre


For several decades and several generations, the Jolly family has kept the land of Ittre alive, especially with its strawberry production, giving priority to ecologically safer methods, in order to improve environmental protection and human health.

The Micolombe Orchards were founded in 1958 and are currently operated by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the family.

The orchards are known for their famous Lambada strawberries, freshly picked in the morning by a family of enthusiasts who hand down their work from father to son.

“It was only natural that I came aboard the family business in 2014. Today, I am determined to carry on the Micolombe Orchards tradition, along with my parents: to produce the best strawberries possible!” – Christophe Jolly

Bobbi Brewery was even lucky enough to produce its Authentic Strawberry Lambic with strawberries from Micolombe’s orchards, always on the lookout for sensed, local partnerships.