Les Moutons Bruxellois

Homegrown farm - Molenbeek, Brussels


David feeds an unusual passion, of which he has made his second profession. When he was younger, he followed an agricultural training to move towards the cultivation of small fruits, but during his course, he decided to change direction and chose a completely different field known for its unattractive reputation.
Today, he is a confirmed sheep breeder, and it is only in 2018 that he launches himself into the adventure after having followed agricultural trainings in Wallonia, Flanders and an internship at the Urban Berbers in Paris.

Teacher in a vocational school in Molenbeek, he shares his time between school and his flock. About thirty sheeps gambol on the pastures of the natural reserve of Zavelenberg in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe. The farm, called Les moutons bruxellois, produces lamb meat and black wool. The meat, from lambs raised on grass in the open air, is sold to private individuals in parcels but also delivered to a few Brussels restaurants that attach great importance to the origin of their products.