Hierba Buena Tisanes

Homegrown farm - Anderlecht & Waterloo


Emilia cultivates her fields in Neerpede, in the municipality of Anderlecht and also maintains a natural space in Waterloo. She has two plots there, which she sows with a beautiful variety of plants, herbs, and medicinal herbs amongst the other sustainable projects of the surrounding farmland.
Every year, she harvests the fruit of her seeds by hand and goes on to dry, sort and mix her plants. Behind each artisanal manipulation, there is a great knowledge of the ancestral uses of plant materials.

At Hierba Buena, each herbal tea contains a holistic, physical remedy or a moment of pleasure carefully concocted for the worries of everyday life: “plants accompany the moments of everyday life, I want to put their use at the service of people’s well-being. Moreover, here, we are in a pure craft process, only the hand can offer this quality.”

Emilia’s identity and her Argentinean origins can be found in each of her herbal compositions, through their original names. We can also feel strong values committed to sustainability, which are confirmed when Emilia tells us that nothing is thrown away in her workshop.