Le Petit Chaumont

Homegrown farm
Location: Ittre


Fran├žois and Chantal Sivine settled on their hillock in Ittre 7 years ago. The first year, they planted the first vines at Petit Chaumont.

Those same vines are now the first of the 2500 or so that are taking roots around their farm and charming homestay. At Petit Chaumont, bubbles are made in a traditional and artisanal way. This limits the production, which will remain on a human scale and will give us beautiful bottles of Riesling as well as Solaris, the two flagship nectars that Fran├žois and Chantal offer.

For Bobbi Brewery, it was important to put this local winery in the spotlight, as Petit Chaumont helped the brewery produce its mythical Holy Hit, a craft beer well known to its audience as a surprising vinified UFO, conceived with the Riesling wort from the vineyard’s crops.

“The vine is a vine that grows. You have to take care of it, look after it carefully, tirelessly, otherwise nothing good comes out of it!” – Chantal