Les Simples Magiques de Bruxelles ma Belle

Homegrown farm - Brussels


When you are welcomed into Virginie’s magical world, it is as if you were traveling back in time. The one where our grandmothers still passed on to us with fervor, all their best kept life secrets.

Through her magnificent project, Les Simples Magiques de Bruxelles ma Belle, Virginie wishes to bring back to life the ancestral uses of plants and herbs. Like a modern-day witch, she prepares remedies of a new kind (or rather, of a bygone era?) to meet your everyday needs: herbal teas, dream cushions, dry hot water bottles, fumigation sticks,…

Everything, from the cultivation of its few lands in Anderlecht of about twenty local singles to the recycled and colored packaging that contain its clever plant mixtures, is micro-local and zero waste.
From the sown seed to the finished products, everything is made with her hands. She transmits with passion and mischief, the magical uses that can be made of these wild plants, easy to use once you tame them.

“I love everything that is simple. I believe in their magic beyond their physical properties. They heal the soul.” – Virginie