Rafael Munoz

DJ & Producer – Techno & Experimental


Musician, DJ and producer of techno and electronic music, Rafael Munoz is active in the Brussels underground scene. Rafael mixes styles to see different universes collide and to push back the limits of these, thus showing himself as a multidisciplinary and plurivalent artist. It is from his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Mons and his collaborations in various projects (electroacoustic compositions, soundtracks of several films and audiovisual installations) that he draws his inspiration to offer today a raw and energetic music marked by explosions of colors and sound textures.

Rafael is a member of the collective “ON.”, organizer of the open-air “ON.Afternoon” and “NOXON” evenings at the club FFORMATT.


Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Blawan, Richie Hawtin, Deg