John Parm

DJ & Producer – Modern Funk | G-Funk | Groovy Hip-Hop


DJ and Producer since 2003 based in Brussels, influenced by his breakdancer background and by groovy music in general, John Parm’s productions are tinged with Westcoast Hip-Hop, Boogie Funk, Modern Funk sometimes with a touch of House. After gaining experience under the name of Turtle Master for over fifteen years with his collective Crab Boogie and as a DJ and beatmaker for the young French rap scene (Caballero, Jeanjass, Lomepal …), he now focuses on his solo project defending the timelessness of funk and its presence in the current musical landscape. Since 2019, John Parm hosts two radio shows on Bruzz and Kiosk Radio, manages the Brussels branch of beatmaking events Loop Sessions.


Modern Funk, G-Funk, Groovy Hip-Hop