Producer – Techno | Breakbeat | Electro


Oton is a multi-faceted producer, live artist and label founder who is part of a new generation that is defying genres and redefining contemporary rave culture in the capital.

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It was in England that Oton, whose real name is Baptiste Langlois, developed an enduring passion for British soundsystem culture, which shines through in his refreshing and energetic compositions.

Over the years, he has refined his musical identity inspired by the Bristol scene, where jungle, footwork, juke and breaks meet the energy of continental raves. A machine enthusiast with a penchant for the analog heat of the synthesizers and sequencers that have shaped dancefloor history, Oton’s explosive live sets subtly blend the inimitable edge of Roland drum machines, breakbeat percussion, acidic synth lines, and avant-garde arpeggiators into weapons of massive club-busting euphoria.

After a series of EPs released in 2019, affirming his signature blend of techno and breakbeat, Oton is twice praised by Redbull Elektropedia.

The year 2020 marks the birth of Alliance Club Oton’s new label and collective whose aesthetic “”totally influenced by the golden age of skateboarding (1998-2003)”” directly caught the attention of London’s Lobster Distribution.

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Special Request, Moby, Takkyu Ishino, Prodigy & Overmono.